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How You Can Start Your Own Social Media Marketing Agency In 2019

In the last decades, how businesses market has changed tremendously. From radio to television and billboards, now companies are focusing on marketing on social media and internet in general. Marketing and advertising shifts where the customer attention is. So if people are spending so much of their time on social media, companies find it valuable to advertise their products there on the internet.

Digital marketing is huge. Radio and television are part of it. However, internet marketing is one of its ways digital marketing is done. Internet marketing is broadly categorized in 7 sections. Email marketing, affiliate marketing, search engine optimization and search engine marketing are some of the ways to do it. Likewise, social media marketing is part of internet marketing.  To accomplish growth, it’s important to find out the social media score of your official business pages to get desired results.

Businesses want to advertise on social media. However, it is difficult build a whole team that will solely facilitate social media for businesses. This is where social media marketing agencies come in. What this means is that businesses that solely work to improve and manage the social media platforms of these businesses can largely benefit from it. This is why a social media marketing agency can make you great income.

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We as youngsters grew up in the age of social media. We know how social media works and what features can be used to market to the customers. Even if you have 2- 4 clients on average in the beginning of your agency, you are going to do great. An average customer should be paying you around 2500 dollars. That is a huge amount. And businesses understand the value social media marketing provides. If you are able to achieve that, you will be doing great in the future. Here is an step by step guide that will help you start a social media marketing agency in 2019.

  1. Focus on education

For someone who wants to practice medicine, it is important that they go to a medical school. Same goes for people who want to start a social media marketing agency. This does not mean that you need to go to a school to receive this formal education. All this really means is that you need a base understanding for the knowledge that you will require to serve your customers well. Without customer satisfaction and quality service, your company will not be able to charge as much. Likewise, you need to do some basic research and strategy development for how you will go about starting your businesses. You will need a business plan. This does not need to be a 40 page plan. You just need a basic understanding for what you will be doing at your agency. Start with the name of your business. Learn how you can get a license. You will need to pick a niche or industry you will be working with. Create a list of services you will be offering to your clients. Some services may be out of your domain. You don’t want to take projects that you can’t end up delivering well. However, you will need to expand your services in the future. This is because businesses won’t want to go to other agencies to get their other internet marketing done and go to just one agency to simply get their social media marketing done here.

  1. Network

Then you will need to start approaching other businesses. Go to networking events. Set up meetings with your prospective clients. Remember that you want to provide value as an agency. If you go to a meeting and try to sell your agency to clients, they won’t like it. You want to portray it as a deal where your client’s needs come first. You want to deliver value. Stick to your promises. Conduct research on the business you are meeting up with. Then go to their marketing managers and give them some free counseling. Share with them a few ways their business can grow through social media.

  1. Meet up

Once a client shows an interest in meeting with you, you need to go in prepared. You don’t want to go there in the first meeting thinking of it as a deal. No. Don’t sell. Go there and share value. Give them an introduction of your agency. Share with them the various ways you can help them and add value to their company. Don’t list down for them the services you are offering. Tell them how those services will translate into solutions for their company. Don’t use technical jargon. Remember the old benefits over features marketing technique?

  1. Landing clients

Now if you are starting a business of a digital agency, you of course want to land some clients. What this means is that after your first meeting with the client, tell them that you can show them a proposal. Give them reasons to sign a deal with you. Remember that proposals have two elements of selling. The first is the emotional aspect and the second is the logical aspect. Emotional aspect means that you will show them how their company can grow through improved social media marketing. Show them dreams and then through logical explanations, explain how you will be able to achieve those goals. Give exact statistics. Tell them how much of their reach can turn into clients and how much return on investment they can expect. You may not be the best person to go and talk to them. You can hire someone for that as well.

  1. Expect results

Once you have clients on board, you need to show them results. And for this, you will go back to the step number one. Without a proper education in digital marketing, you are not getting anywhere any time soon. With clients, you need to show them results. Simply learn. Read more about it. Watch youtube channels that provide this sort of education and you should be good to go. If there is any specific area of internet marketing you don’t have expertise in, hire someone to do it for you. It is easy but it takes a lot of time and education and dedication to go about it.

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