The Best Abs Burning Exercises

Everybody wants to stay fit and healthy and exercises are considered as the most effective way to get desired fitness. With the power of workout, you are able to transform yourself entirely. Check out some anti-aging workout routines here Everybody desires for a toned and flat stomach. To get this person often do hard exercises or follow the strict diet plan which may give opposite results. Dieting sometimes causes weakness which results in swelling and your abs start looking fattier instead of toned. The workout is the best way of getting toned abs because it targets your whole body’s muscles and gives you desired results faster along with improved health and mobility. But when it comes to workout, many people rely only on crunches to remove extra fat from stomach and belly. While crunches are not the most effective abs workout, they work only on the front and side muscles, and it is very important to target all muscles to get flat and toned abs.

In order to get to lose belly fat and get more defined abs, perform such exercise which targets all muscles of your core.  Schuler (co-author of The Rules of lifting for abs) suggests a series of core exercises; these exercises are like plank and help to train muscles and stabilize the pelvis and spine, so you can improve posture and avoid back pain. Stabilization exercises burn more calories as they involve more muscles as compared to crunches.

Prefer these 3 most effective abs workouts to get a flat and perfect toned tummy.

Side Plank

Why it works: This exercise is tougher as compared to traditional plank because it supports whole body on two points of contact; you should struggle hard to keep your body stabilized.

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How to perform:

1)         Lie on left side of your body with elbow exactly beneath shoulder and legs should be stacked. Keep right hand on right side of hip or shoulder.

2)         Brace abs and lift hip above the floor until you are balancing on your feet and lower arm to keep the body in diagonal line. Hold this position for thirty to forty-five seconds. If can’t stay till you feel easy and repeat till you 45 seconds.

3)         Switch side and repeat.

More great stabilization moves The anti-rotation hold and the standard planks.

Walkout from Push-up position

Why it works: This exercise involves entire body movement, including legs and arms and produce resistance to the entire body.

How to perform:

1)         Start with the push-up position while keeping hands two inches wider than your shoulders.

2)         Walk hands out as much as possible and then put back. Do 12-15 repetitions.

Make it harder: Lift your one leg before walk your hands out.

Alligator Drag

Why it works: This exercise utilizes your entire body to burn additional calories by adding movement (dragging body along the floor) and keep your body stabilized. It mixes strength training, cardio and stability to give you fast results.

How to perform:

1)         Find an area on the floor which allows you to move forward about 10 to 20 yards, and grab anything that can slide over the floor with minimum friction. Plastic bags and plates will work on a carpeted floor and towels on wood or tiles.

2)         Start with the push-up position with feet on the towel, plates or slides.

3)         Move forward with hands to the end point of your targeted area (for at least 10 yards). Rest for 1 minute or more (whatever time you need to recover) and repeat again from where you started.

4)         Repeat at least 12-15 sets.

Final Verdict

Don’t start tough exercises at once begin with easy one at the start. Increase number of repetitions gradually.

In addition to performing above exercise also take care of your diet. Eat fresh and healthy food, avoid junk food and drink more and more water to stay hydrated. Walk daily and stay active.

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