Automatic Door in our Garage

A few decades ago it seemed unthinkable that a heavy iron door could be opened automatically, with all gentleness and security. Nowadays it is something habitual, thanks to next-generation automatisms, that work of fast, safe way and with a simple maintenance, and to the use of another type of materials, based on metal alloys and plastic equal of resistant and much lighter.

In this way, an automatic system with basic safety measures, such as photoelectric cells, safety cables and parachute systems and elements that prevent the introduction of hands or fingers in any gap, give garage doors a high level of security , better than those operated manually, and also requires less physical effort to enter and leave with the vehicle.

They are easy to install and have a simple operation; they also have the following characteristics:

  • These automatic doors also have a device that increases safety through photocells and obstacle detection sensors, there are also some systems that include an “anti-crushing” system in the motor, as soon as an obstacle touches it stops and rises again. With this system, you will stop worrying especially if you have children or animals at home and even to protect your car.
  • Among the main advantages of installing an automatic garage door is the convenience of arriving home or the company and opening the door without getting off the vehicle, avoiding not only the inclemencies of the weather but also possible thefts.
  • Installation, maintenance and useful life. The useful life of the automatic garage doors is long and therefore the cost that you must pay for your purchase and installation is amortized in a short time, as long as you choose a reliable company from the market and specialize in these devices.

In addition to all the features mentioned above, installing an automatic door brings with it energy savings since installing a garage door properly insulates you from cold or heat. The durability of these doors is clearly superior to the average since, being coated with steel and aluminium, the resistance is greater.

Finally, before buying the door and paying for its installation, make sure that the company offers periodic maintenance of the system, as well as repair in case of breakage or problems of the passage of time, a guarantee that is essential as you protect your investment

When talking about garage doors it is very interesting that you know the importance of deciding to install an automatic garage door in your home. From comfort to necessity there is a basic difference: security. Thirty years ago it was unthinkable that an iron door would open automatically, safely and smoothly.

Those of us who know garage doors are aware that over the years, the number of garages has been increasing. With them we look for that they do not damage our car, protect it from the inclemencies of the time or not having to give an infinity of turns until finding where to park. In large cities, above all, it is more a necessity than a luxury in the face of the enormous lack of parking spaces.

Today, automatic doors are very common because of the latest generation of automation. These work in a safe, fast and with a very simple maintenance. In addition, many use materials such as plastic or metal alloys, which are much lighter and equally resistant.

An automatic door, in the first place, gives comfort because we do not have to go down and get out of the car to open it. This becomes very heavy, especially in bad weather.

In the same way, the installation of this class of doors results in greater security. You can get home, press the control button and in about twenty seconds you will find yourself inside the garage without stepping on the ground and without any incident.

In addition, these doors bring with them an energy saving, since they isolate you from heat and cold. Likewise, they have a greater durability than the average because when they are many coated with aluminium and steel they are more resistant.

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