A Little Bit Of Light Pushes A Lot Of Darkness

Light is present everywhere in the world, it is the major source for illumination though it is sunlight or indoor Lights Lights Lights can are many ways dark and dim light, based on the intensity.

Earth is the planet which is daily showered with light from the Sun. the sun is the major source of energy to the world. Sunlight is useful for warming and for plants the sunlight help full for giving out oxygen which is basic life support for human beings.


In the year 2012, there are two cousin sisters Sarah and Emma launched the block shop for the first time to introduce its various products to society.

Both the cousins are previously employees in the block shop media Sarah used to show the products to the people and there are many people who started inspiring by the products and started to search for products. There are light oriented products, namely lamps of different shape and size, and illumination.

Lights are operated by three members who formed a team and developed. The retail showroom of lights is located in Monee, but they are popular in its trading all over the Australian country. The main reason for our success is our passion for our work.

They made a deal with light design preparing agents and they are famous for various lights development. This helps us to meet different necessities of clients throughout Australia. The works in lights show passion and integrity towards the work they do. They provide services for both the domestic market and international markets.

  • Fandango pendant
  • Collide wall light
  • Lido glass sphere pendant

As every business here also shipping is depended on the weight and size of the product. Sometimes it is also based on our location. For example, a very heavy mirror shipping charges are calculated to be more compared to lightweight towel items here are being shipped from retail borders to several places. There are few business trade retailers who give a free shipping offer.

In order to ship according to your address, we need to give them a right address, if not the order will be returned or cancelled. Based on the distance the shipping amount is calculated. If we take multiple orders at a time then shipping price reduces compared to single orders, then after providing the necessary address. The timings of shipping are presented below the website for easy understanding. If we have a pre-order and order options then the timings and price vary according to it. If your order is dispatched and is on the way then we will get a notification for confirmation regarding the order and we can track our order accordingly, as it is a pandemic time, many safety precautions are taken for selling of lights and showroom got recently opened, so with safety measures, everyone can have a look upon them.

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