5 Wedding Gifts Ideas in Corona Times in 2020

The times are getting tough. It’s safe to say that the world has gone upside down. But what remains is the spirit of people. People still want to excel in careers, make wedding plans, travel plans, life plans. Now that we have spoken about weddings there is one question that has been doing the rounds for a while now and that is, ‘What should a couple be gifted for their wedding?’

With small weddings becoming the norm, most people are not even sure if they would be invited to physically attend the wedding. If one can make do with virtual attendance that should be enough. But even then, the couple needs to be given something right? So in these Corona times, when physically attending a wedding and handing over a box is not the case here are some killer ideas for wedding gifts that you could follow.

Before we get into the list it’s always best to ask the couple to create a wedding registry so the guests are not wondering what wedding gifts to get the couple. But in case the couple is unaware of this cool concept, here’s what you could give as wedding gifts to them without putting them and yourself at risk.

Cash gifts

If the couple hasn’t created a cash registry, the guests can always gift them cash. In the age of digital payments, this has become easier. In the times of Corona, this has also become very acceptable as one of the most practical wedding gifts. In these trying times, everyone is anyway going through a cash crunch so some money as a wedding gift would be really appreciated.

Gift Cards

In this time, E-commerce is open for essentials. A gift card for one of the platforms would really help the couples. With the gift card, couples can buy essentials like masks, gloves, medical equipment so they could lead a coronavirus free life.


Goonj, PM cares, Bhoomi, Akshaya Patra and so many more organizations like this are doing their best to feed the needy. What is a better gift than the gift of charity? Of course, it is advisable to ask the couple if they would be okay with such a setting. But if the couple is okay there is no better gift than the gift of charity.

Artisan appliances

A fancier version of the term kitchen appliances, these products are slowly becoming essential. Why? Because there has been a big jump in the number of people cooking at home. With more time spent at home in the lockdown, people are getting more and more experimental with their cooking. These artisan appliances can be some mixer grinders, bread makers, ovens, tea makers, air fryer, blender, juicer, and more.

Essentials hamper

Remember how we would put chocolates, fruits, alcohol, and sweets in a big hamper and give it as wedding gifts? Changing times call for changing needs. So here’s a hamper you could make to give a couple during these testing times. Add the following and it could make for the best wedding hamper.

  • Sanitisers
  • Gloves
  • Designer masks
  • Disinfectant
  • Spices and herbs to make immunity building teas.

So these are the wedding gifts that a couple can be gifted in these trying times.

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