5 Things To Do with Oven Mitts

Oven Mitts are not only used in the oven they can be used to fulfil other household tasks such as clean your furniture, help you fix your car, and even lend a helping hand in your garden.

But these Mitts can be an extreme use and can be used for several purposes other than I mentioned. So, in this,  we are going to talk about some of the uses of oven Mitts that you can use and help yourself in the completion of household tasks.

Without further ado let’s get started with the article and use your Oven Mitt to its fullest potential.

5 Things You Can Do with Oven Mitts:

Here I will tell you 5 essential things that you can do with your oven mitts and these things either can be small tasks or some large helping tasks that can even make your life easy.

01- A Beverage Cosy or Egg Warmer:

You know what? You can prevent that cup of coffee or tea that you were about to drink before getting disturbed hot and safe. How? You might wonder, by just placing an Oven Mitt over it. Oven mitt can insulate the heat and it can make your cup stay hot for long period of time.

The same thing applies to your breakfast of boiled eggs. Oven Mitts can keep food warm and ready to eat for a long time, so now your hot and fresh breakfast is not ruined by any disturbance.

02- Dust and ­Polish:

I know what you are thinking, Oven Mitts are kitchen products. How can you use them to clean products? But do you know? That Oven Mitts can be perfect for dusting and polishing on hard and soft surfaces. You can use the one side of the Mitt for applying any type of polish or wax you want and another side to buff that particular polish or wax on your furniture.

03- Protect Your Hands When Pruning:

Yes, Oven Mitts can’t be used or it can but it might seem awkward to use in weeding or planting seedlings, but pruning they can do with style.

04- Remove Hot Engine Parts:

If you are keeping the Oven Mitt in your car glove box or in the boot then it can be a lifesaver some times. Suppose you are travelling on a road and suddenly your car breaks down. And you figured that the problem is the heated radiator. So, keeping an Oven Mitt with you on that drive can make it easy to open the car radiator cap which is currently extremely hot easily thus now you can fully view what’s wrong with your car. See, it saves life.

05- Change a Hot Light Bulb:

If the light bulb in your side lamp is burst then you don’t need to scratch it with your fingers when you are replacing it. See, here is an easy way remove the lampshade from the top and use an Oven Mitt to cover the damaged bulb, and then throw it directly to the trash can because you will be carrying all the bulb residue with you in an Oven Mitt.

Once you’ve removed the lampshade, put on an oven mitt, remove the dead bulb from the socket and toss it into the garbage bin. That way, you won’t still be blowing on your fingertips when screwing in the new bulb.


So, I hope this article has helped you get your Oven Mitt out of the Oven and be used under other situations. Or you could buy a new one from Grill Armor Gloves. Because they sell anything related to grill and this article to show you that the Oven Mitt that you buy for you either oven or Grill is not restricted to be used in Oven or Grilling. It can be used in many situations and complications.

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