10 Best Gifts For Kids Above 2 Years

Finding a suitable gift for your little one can just be tough. So, here’s a list that you need to go through. You can buy either educational gifts or artistic toys that would contribute towards your child’s overall development.

A deluxe castle playset

Big castles always exist when your child is creating his own story. So, as you plan for a gift, you can give him the joy of a playset. Apart from easy to clean accessories, the playset should also include plastic figurines and small pieces of furniture for those décor ideas. Try buying something that can be stashed inside the closet.

Temporary Tattoos

If your toddler needs a reason to show off style and amaze every family member, then you can purchase tattoos for his little hands. He can enjoy making weird sounds and play the role of puppet-like critters. Just make sure that these are skin-friendly and can be easily washed away. Certainly, you would give a pat on his back once he has enacted something unique.

Craft kit

If you are seeking a creative toy, then a craft kit would work towards enhancing his imagination. As he makes shapes through molds, he can either showcase them in the living room or keep them at one place. As you stir up the excitement by offering numerous tools, your kid would be thinking from where he should start. There’s nothing to worry much because your kid won’t be distracted while he is busy with chunks of colored clay.

Plastic laptop

Toddlers are always yearning to play with the computer. But, when you still know that he is quite young, you could buy a small, plastic laptop. This gift is a great way to keep the child occupied during a long distance trip. Moreover, he would be seeking happiness as every activity poses to be a challenge. As time passes by, he would also be acquainted with the keys along with the components. You would never know when he would develop an interest in computers.

Building blocks

A set of building blocks is always a great way to introduce your child to three-dimensional objects. He can always think in many different ways as he builds the pile hours on end. Well, just as it easy and simple to fix these blocks, they can be removed within a matter of minutes. When it’s vacation time, you can remove the blocks and sit aside to watch the fun. You could also remove the kit when the kid can’t play outdoors due to the climatic conditions.

Tool kit

Help your child with a tool kit just in case you want your child’s imagination run wild. Since the kit is portable, the child can take it and play somewhere near the backyard. The set includes sanded wooden pieces that would keep him busy screwing and pounding. Obviously, there’s no limit for fun once he is engrossed in the activity. He would surely get a break after he has returned from school every evening.

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Wall art

Searching for a special gift to make your child happy? Then you must purchase a kit packed with things for a beautiful wall art. As the kid starts growing, he claims to own things and be proud especially about the spelling of his name. So, instead of sprucing up his room, you can simply guide him with paper cut-outs and make it as a part of a stunning décor idea.


Among different board games, your kid is sure to build vocabulary through scrabble. Just like a crossword, you can tell the kids to arrange letters on the board and come up with words that he knows. Alternatively, you as a parent can spend weekends playing and move out from the busy schedule for some time. Imagine the fun your child would have once he is constantly scratching his head.

Make your own story kit

Let your child realize that it isn’t difficult to write a hardbound book. With the kit, your child would be creating an original story. Well, that’s not all, he can always use markers and drawing tools for creating images on different pages. Once he is done, he can post the copy to seek the approval from the publishing house. Much to his surprise, he can get a bit more creative with the book title as he chooses from an array of font styles and colors.

A small guitar

A brand new guitar can really help your child love music. The instrument brings in the feel when it’s attached directly to the television set. For sure, the kid would have a blast when he gradually starts developing skills. But, more than anything, you must keep an eye while he is playing. Do let him know that he has to be gentle with the instrument and handle it with great care.

Do visit online portals in case you don’t have the time to jet out to the nearest toy shop. With several options online, you would be able to refine your search and buy an inexpensive gift for kids.

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